This web-site provides FREE information for licensed contractors on the proper methods for disinfecting potable water lines in buildings.

Our first mistake was wasting $1100.00 attending the DPR schooling to obtain an “Applicators License”,  which is where they told us we were in the wrong school, there is no such license and that we needed to attend the State Water Operators school to learn how to properly disinfect potable water systems. That is where we obtained our schooling. We then spent 5 years in the field performing disinfections and writting a procedures booklet & Business CD. We then sold “Disinfection Sets” to Plumbing & Mechanical contractors enabling them to self perform disinfection on their projects.  We have now retired and listed the manufacturers so you can purchase the necessary equipment direct.

Copper and plastic potable water line manufacturers DO NOT DISINFECT the pipe. Plumbers are mandated to use LOW FLOW FAUCETS. Plumbing Contractors, project managers and officials have ignored laws requiring disinfection of the potable water lines under section 609.9 of the UPC for decades!  I’ve had contact with several hundred plumbing contractors who have informed me that “the project manager simply wants a report and doesn’t care whether we perform the disinfection or not!”  Project Managers seem to be a big part of the problem!

Most pipe is installed with existing bacteria caused by the manufacturing process, distribution and installation that simply grows until enough turbidity breaks it loose from the pipe interior. Some unlucky end user gets that burst of water, gets sick and immediately blames bad food. Contractors tend to believe since the city water is in good condition it’s not necessary to perform disinfection procedures in buildings.  Not accurate… it’s not the water that’s contaminated in most cases, IT’S THE PIPE!  Simply following existing laws could help solve the problem.

We recieved the same response from every plumber we trained, “How simple is this!”, we should have been doing this on all jobs!

This information has not been taught to most plumbers for the past 30 – 40 years?  Commercial Plumbers have been mistakenly contracting out this part of the project to unlicensed, untrained sub-contractors who really have no clue what they are doing and have little to no knowledge about plumbing systems in general! we know, we were one of them!  As commercial plumbing contractors for 40 years, we sub- contracted this specification out to an unlicensed contractor that only had a DPR (Department of Pesticide Regulations) license and wasn’t legally supposed to be on the job site at all.  Half the time I believe they simply took a sample or two and called it good. They made sure no one was on site when they “performed the disinfection”. (We now know this was Dangerously illegal, they were only qualified to disinfect ponds, but we recieved the all clear certification from them and that was all we needed to collect our retentions!)

***** RETIRED NOW!  We are now offering FREE training for Contractors. We train you to train your plumbers. Lets pass it on!  We are retired now but you can call us and come by my house for the free training or you can pay $500.00 in travel expenses and I will come to your business with the models, a CD for you to print Booklets, and train as many plumbers as you like. We used to get $5,000.00 for this training. Take Advantage!


You can order a  “Pump & Tank Set” from Advantage Controls through your plumbing wholesale supply house.  The set comes pre-plumbed for use with standard hose connections.  If you want a color pictured step by step procedures booklet and CD with office support & submittals designed for Mechanical contractors, Plumbing Contractors and Water Technology companies, give us a call and we can email you the information.

***If you are looking for information for a one time disinfection project you can click on “Design Professionals Specifications” (left side of the pages) print and follow those instructions. Call with any questions. We can most likely help you over the phone. You can also click on any of the pictures to get close-ups. You may want to build your own injection assembly or order test strips directly from the manufacturer. The information is all free. Give us a call, stop by and we will give you a quick training using our models, No Charge!  (That is if we’re not playing golf!)


Licensed Plumbing Contractor – 40 years – recently retired

Extensive research and development in building water line disinfection procedures.

Educated by Robert Funk, P.E., CET Operators Certified Training Inc., Disinfection of Potable Water Systems with water testing education by Richard Blodgett, A retired Senior Microbiologist for the City of Sacramento who owns and operates Wet Labs located in Shingle Springs,CA.


DP Disinfection- performed potable water line disinfection with plumbing and mechanical contractors on State Parks projects, Department of Transportation projects, School projects, Hospitals, Medical buildings, restaurants and all types of Government buildings. We trained many Contractors in Northern CA. (click on- locally Trained Plumbers listing) These contractors were trained in 2 hours and no longer need us. They are very successful and have saved thousands $$$$ completing the disinfection specification on their projects without the need to hire an illegal sub-contractor.


Mandated:  Potable Water Line disinfection in commercial buildings is covered under section 609.9.1-4 in the UPC & CPC and is to be performed by the plumbing contractor. A C-36 or C-34 State Contractors License is required with training in building disinfection procedures. This has nothing to do with a DPR license and there is no such license offered by the EPA for potable water line disinfection. Don’t get caught hiring an unlicensed contractor. This is a simple procedure!  Learn how to perform this SIMPLE PROCEDURE, expand your business and KEEP YOUR PROFITS!    

Our cell number is  (916) 599-1277, leave a message, we’ll get back to you and help you learn to perform this procedure yourself, it’s EASY!

Kent Paden / Dan Paden