Test Strips


Easy to Read Colors!

Different colors are used for determining the H/R strength of the chlorine, not simply different shades of the same color used in most test strips.

Low/Range 0-3 PPM / Drinking Water Range test strips / 100ea.

High/Range 0-300 PPM / Disinfection Level test strips / 100ea.



Why use high quality disinfection test strips?

Potable Water line disinfection testing requires a much higher level of accuracy than swimming pool or rinse water testing. Swimming pool products were sequestered from use in potable water lines by the AWWA decades ago!. Scratch papers like those sold by plumbing and pipe line distributors are not acurate enough for use in potable water line disinfection for buildings. These are medical grade test strips made by SERIM.  You can buy them direct.!  customerservice@serim.com

Over Chlorination can cause serious problems:

Too high a chlorine level in PVC or Ductile Iron pipe lines can cause irreversible damage and in copper lines can cause the copper to leach into and contaminate the water supply. (Don’t use swimming pool chlorine!, it’s way too strong and has chemicals added that can stick to pipe liners.) Buy some High Range Test Strips that change color and are much easier to determine the strength of the Sodium Hypochlorite commonly used in building disinfection procedures, they are almost the same cost as the poor quality test strips from Asia.