Quick Procedures (training reminders)

When performing disinfection on existing pressurized buildings where pipeline measurements are not available follow this simple method:
Take your “Benchmark” reading, hang your signs, isolate any filters as usual then,
Flush, Flush, Flush and flush again! Make sure you have a clear flow before you begin adding the liquid Sodium Hypochlorite mix.
Fill your tank set with 4 gallons of water. Add 8 oz. of 6% Sodium Hypochlorite. You will have a mixture of approximately 400-800ppm. This is not strong enough to damage the pipe liner. Use a H/R test strip to check the strength. Remember to use a chemical feed pump & tank for pressurized systems or a water buggy & pump for unpressurized systems.
Start your trickle at the closest outlet (faucet) and begin the disinfection. Disinfect the COLD lines first. Take a H/R reading, if it is 200ppm or above, close the outlet and move to the next outlet. Once you have obtained readings of at least 200ppm at each cold outlet repeat the procedure for the HOT lines. Remember to set the water heater to vacation setting before you begin with the hot lines. The water heater will be disinfected first and this will take some time. Take a H/R reading at the T&P outlet of the water heater to make sure you have the 200ppm you are looking for to disinfect the HOT lines. Trickle the HOT lines in the same order as the COLD lines. Once you have obtained readings from all outlets at or above 200ppm you have completed the disinfection. Allow the system to sit for 3 hours then take a few readings at various outlets to make sure the bleach strength remained at 200ppm for the 3 hours. If the readings have fallen to below 200ppm but are still above 50ppm you can leave the sytem sit for 24 hours and then check the outlets again. If after the 24 hours they remained above the 50ppm you have completion. Flush the system until you obtain readings of less than 5ppm. (Safe for drinking). Remember to De-chlorinate if necessary, call the dechlorination experts listed in the booklet for a free plan if needed or follow the procedures listed in your booklet).
If you have lost the bleach strength or can’t obtain a first fixture reading you most likely have one of the following problems: Dirt clog, excessive flux, a small rodent, spider or bees in the line. (Especially if you left the pipe laying on the ground unprotected before installation).
Follow all other procedures found in your Booklet. Spike your tank as necessary during the procedure as you were taught in class. This is SIMPLE don’t make a big deal out of it!
Give me a call or send a text with any questions or concerns. (916) 599-1277